Bite down into this crunchy combination of cucumber, red cabbage, and sweet pepper when you want a light lunch loaded with taste.

  • 1 New York Bakery Co. Wholemeal & Rye Bagel Thins
  • 50g Houmous
  • ½ Red Pepper, Deseeded & Sliced
  • 5 Ribbons of Cucumber
  • 20g Fresh Red Cabbage, Shredded
  • A Handful of Lettuce

Fresh and delicious. Start with schmearing 50g of hummus on the bottom half of your bagel thin.

Next layer the cucumber ribbons (we like to use a vegetable peeler to make ours!), crunchy red pepper, shredded red cabbage, and lettuce.

Finally, pop on the bagel lid and enjoy a light lunch full of flavour.

Prep Time 15
Servings 1
Nutrition per serving
Calories 279
Fat 10.02g
Carbohydrate 33.16g
Protein 11.52g
Fibre 7.72g
Salt 0.66g

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